Sunway Special Pre-University Scholarship 2014

After experiencing the aftermath of the traumatic AFS interview I had earlier in June this year, I had definitely expected the worst for today’s Sunway Pre-U Scholarship interview at Park Avenue hotel, Sungai Petani, Kedah. Thank God I was wrong.

I was the first of my batch of friends from Asma to arrive at the venue at around 9.30 a.m. or so which I thought was quite early considering that my registration time was around 10.15 a.m. Nothing much was done except for waiting for the rest of my friends to arrive and also waiting for the first batch of students to be done with their interview.

Minutes before our turn, we were given a warm briefing in the waiting room by a certain Mrs Wong Lei Lei on Sunway College in general and also information on the scholarship besides the facilities and the pros that Sunway has to offer which helped to lighten up everyone’s sombre mood. She was very much amiable in her talk with us students and a few parents as she told us not to stress too much and to treat the interview as a ‘chit-chat’ session for us to get to know a new ‘friend’. Also, when she mentioned that she would be one of the interviewers in charge of interviewing us later, I couldn’t help myself but be delighted at the thought of being put in her care later during the interview. I mean, compared with the draconian AFS interviewer which had her back bent straight like a ruler the entire time, and sparing me no time whatsoever to clarify or talk about myself, Mrs Wong seemed like an extremely affable interviewer and I know only a lucky soul would score a chance to be interviewed by her. Nevertheless, I did send a silent prayer that somehow, maybe by a miracle, I’d be that lucky soul for today.

I never thought I’d be right.

When I pushed open the doors into the room, ready for the interview,  with a surprising degree of overwhelming calmness over me, I was greeted by none other than Mrs Wong, with an empty seat awaiting in front of me.

I could have dropped down and kiss the floor  I mean carpet, at that very moment. Thank God!

I needn’t even force myself to smile (cause whenever I do, I always turn out looking like I drank sour milk or something) as I was already beaming from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat when I took my seat.

Needless to say, the rest of the interview was smooth sailing for me. Some of the questions Mrs. Wong asked me were like “What is your ambition?”, “Why did you choose A-levels”… Oh you know, the usual stuff like that.

I was extremely lucky too in the sense that I wasn’t asked any hard questions like the rest of my friends. In fact, I think I might have asked Mrs. Wong more questions that she had asked me.

You see, I’m still extremely confused as to whether I want to pursue Mass Communications or go with the flow and go for something in Science. Hence, I wasted no breath in bombarding her with these questions of mine when she asked me whether I wanted to ask her anything at all. Mrs Wong was helpful and understanding, she even provided me with lots of advice on that I needed time and I still have time to think about it and what’s important is where my passion lies and so on. She gave me her card too so that I could contact her in the near future if I had any enquiries.

I think I was in there for like a solid 10-15 minutes or so and I’m not lying when I say I was a little more than reluctant to leave when I thanked Mrs Wong for her interview and we bid each other farewell.

To sum things up, this was of course the best interview I’ve ever had (I’ve had only done two so far). I’m hoping that the ones I encounter in the future would be as enjoyable as this one. I don’t really mind about the scholarship any more cause that just proves how much of a great time I had chatting with Mrs Wong. Honestly, it didn’t seem like an interview at all. It was like tea time or something with a really nice aunty. All that was missing were tea and cookies.


From left: Hui Yi, Me (I look constipated as usual, lmao), Aina, Hoi Leng, Shi Han and Jiao Lin. All dressed up in our school’s prefect’s uniform. And I shamelessly admit that the purple attire is all just a get up to give a good first impression. Oh well.

All praise to God for such a sweet and memorable interview.

Be blessed.


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